Saturday, August 13, 2022
​​The arrests relate to the first FIR launched by PNB on January 31 alleging a fraud of Rs 280 crore. Since then, the CBI has filed another FIR and the latest estimate of the fraud has grown to Rs 11,300 crore.
Exiled former Maldivian president Mohamed Nasheed on Saturday said his country, which is in a state of emergency, does not want any trouble between India and China.
Rio, who is the CM candidate of the NDPP-BJP alliance, told TOI, "BJP is not a religious party.It has only one agenda - development.As allies, we are confident of getting an absolute majority in the coming election." .
When asked about preparation for his Board exam (Parliamentary elections in 2019), Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that “elections come and go, they are like by-products” and that he enjoys the “wishes of 125 crore Indians.”


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